Our Specialization

A comprehensive set of solutions is offered by integrating the supply chain, value chain, project scheduling, production, services and replacement parts, technology, R&D, and other duties.


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Renewable Energy

We investigate, evaluate, and develop energy sources all over the world at Khalid Power Resources Limited. Our renewable energy strives to lessen reliance on fossil fuels, increase energy supply, and reduce air pollution. We are experts in Hydropower, Geothermal, Wind Power, Solar Power, Biomass energy, and Tidal Power.

Industrial Automation

On the basis of commissioning, Khalid Power Resources Limited provides industrial automation & controls solutions for a variety of domain continuums. Our services are designed to help clients comprehend the process and recognize mechanical dynamics.


The following industries are Significant, and Khalid Power Resources Limited provides services in them: Off Grid and On Grid renewable, Solar Homes, Solar Power, Wires & Cables, Boilers, Cement Plants, Paper, Iron & Steel, Sugar Plants, Prepaid Metering System, Cranes & Elevators, Printing & Packaging Machines, Fire Fighting Systems, Ash Handling Systems, Energy Management System and Mining & Ore Extraction

Smart Grids

With the help of our smart grid, we can keep track analyze, manage, and communicate within the energy supply chain to help it operate more effectively, consume less energy, and do it at a lower cost, thereby increasing the transparency and dependability of the supply chain.

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